About Us

Infiniti Grid is being created by a team of people who have a passion for community. With a combined knowledge of the metaverse spanning well over 10 years, they aspire to create a grid that truly provides for the people.
Our customers will be our existence.

We will strive to be recognized and respected
by our customers as providing the highest level
of quality service and value.

We will achieve this through accountability,
innovation, integrity, and commitments to
our community.
To provide reliable, competitively priced parcels, regions and related services to our customer and maximum value consistent with the latest technology and resources.

We will work with our customers to improve the social and economic well being of our grid.
We will strive to provide services that exceed our customer's expectations, emphasizing honesty, quality, and sound business principles.

As we conduct our business, we will be responsible leaders for our grid, while focusing on continuous improvement for our processes and services.

Practicing fiscal responsibility and working together, we will have the power to make a difference.

Meet Team Infiniti

Legion brings a well rounded set of skills to the table. Having been a long time resident in SL he went on with a team of five others to found one of the largest Opensim based virtual worlds. He remained on the staff there for several years serving in the backend technologies, customer service and the forums. Legion will be teaming up again in the back halls of the Infiniti Grid IT department, customer service and general team management.

Hairy is a Jack of all trades it would seem. He is also an experienced virtual worlder and has been deeply involved in two different, large Opensim based worlds as well as an old school SL resident. He has been instrumental in building content in the Welcome Center as well as contributing to the webspace and upcoming forum management. Team Infiniti is proud to have Hairy with us and he will be an invaluable asset on the the backend technologies keeping the grid humming.

Amaranthim has been a resident of the metaverse for many years as well and brings several skills to Team Infiniti. Her wonderful artistic tastes can be experienced in our Welcome Center region of the Mainland. She has done the terraforming as well build content for the areas. She has also stylized some female avatars for new residents to enjoy. Amara will continue to be a valued team member here at Infiniti Grid.

After landscaping her way through both the Big Grid and another Small Grid, Misty took a break but was tempted back in to virtual worlds with the promise of tree's and flowers.  Having been a friend of the team for many years, she brings her ability to beautifully landscape sets and scenery through taking the Lead for our Mainland Regions.   Along with Mac, she's also assisting with the Mentor Program of which she has had past experience with through The Shelter on the Big Grid.   She self claims title of Procrastination Queen and hopes to adult properly some day.  Her goal for Infiniti Grid is to help create an inviting space for communities to gather, reside or build their business.  She can be found on Google Plus, Twitter as well as through mistyharley@infinitigrid.com.    

Macphisto, or Mac as he prefers, brings longtime friendship, familial values and artful skill to the friends and founders team. The one unique thing about Team Infiniti is we all have known each other and been virtual world friends for over a decade, actually going on around 15 years now. Mac has always been a steadfast member of that crowd. Coming from SL as well, he has been a metaverse pioneering resident for many years now. His inclusion in Team Infiniti is a no brainer and Mac has been instrumental in building out the first full region of the Mainland with activities for residents to enjoy in a beachy cove. He has also been working with skins and clothing templates and has contributed several male and female avatars for new residents to enjoy. We are very happy to have Mac on Team Infiniti! He is also our resident wordy worder.

Lecktor rounds out the team with questionable traits. After 14 years of virtual worlding he still can't build worth a crap, can barely make a cube say 'Hello Avatar' and terraforms like a bull in a ... well you get the picture. He has held the dream though for many years now and had gone on from SL, along with Legion, to found that large Opensim based grid as well. After many years now wandering the metaverse, the opportunity has arisen yet again to fulfill that dream and do it right. Leck will be bashing the backend of the grid operations and webspace along with Hairy and Legion and hopefully will finally learn how to script past a rudimentary level.

Hyacinth has been a Jewell for Infiniti Grid. While she runs her own grid at hgluv.com she is a valued friend and most consider team member as well. Her expertise in all things code have been a huge asset in getting Infiniti Grid prepared to launch into the metaverse. She continuously and most graciously outfits the Opensim code with performance tweaks as well as super nice 'goodie' things. Team Infiniti shall forever be grateful to Hy and hold her in high esteem and friend ship. Thank You Hy!!

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