Digital Millennium Copyright Act

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Filing a DMCA Takedown Notice


Before you send a DMCA Takedown Notice determine if:

(1) You own the copyright or have the right to assert infringement of a copyright you license. If you do not own the copyright or have a legal right to assert a claim of copyright infringement, you do not have cause.

(2) The alleged infringement is not covered by an exception such as Fair Use or free speech laws. While you do not have to know every aspect of Fair Use exceptions, you do have to have a “good faith” belief that the alleged infringing use is not covered by any law which would permit its use.  See -

Once you have determined beyond a doubt that you are in fact eligible to file the DMCA Take Down Notice;

Please follow this link for the proper forms to file a DMCA Takedown Notice and send to:    

Infiniti Grid, LLC.

DMCA Department

Attn: Isabel Williams

P.O. BOX 960482,

Miami, FL 3296-0482


Due to safe harbor status, please note that we will not remove any items unless there is a proper DMCA filed by the creator of said item.  If you feel an item is against our TOS or needs to be addressed, please contact the original creator and allow them to investigate and properly file their forms as per the link above.


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