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Each month, I've decided to pick one blogging day and dedicate it to our grids creators.   The places I highlight could be anything from arts to shopping to exploring and everything in between.   it might just be one place or a few, it all depends on what I find or what new place pops up during the month.  These area's are not solicited by our creators or residents and are as much as a surprise to them as it will be for you (and sometimes, even me if I'm procrastinating the blog until the last minute!).  They are simply places I have found that I think others might enjoy.

So here we go! 

For November, I'm going to offer up two of our residents.  The Art Box from Kyoko Barzane and Ferraris Fashions by Alaria Ferraris.


First up is The Art Box from Kyoko Barzane and is our first art gallery on Infiniti.   

First up is The Art Box from Kyoko Barzane and is our first art gallery on Infiniti.   As a mom of a budding artist on various levels, I truly appreciate art and I love that Kyoko has brought her flavor to our grid.   She is always looking for artists, so please feel free to contact her through PM on Infiniti Grid directly.  Currently being exhibited and sold in the Art Box is Photo-Montages by Kyoko Barzane.  

You can travel directly to the Art Box on Provenance or you can hypergrid over to Infiniti Grid directly (or log in/make an account) and search Art Box in 'places' and teleport directly to her gallery.  


Next on the list is Ferraris Fashions by Alaria Ferraris.  

The Men on the grid absolutely love that she is with us as she offers a wonderful selection for men's attire.  This was my first time to her store (because of the guys all raving about her pieces!) and she has a lovely selection for women too - which makes everything even more better!

We also have a 'What's up @infiniti' group and she is posting in there with new releases a few times a month for both men and women's fashion.

You can visit Feraris Fashion here or log in/create an account for Infiniti Grid and open up search and find her store that way.   

I hope you have enjoyed this post and we'll do this again next month!

As always, we hope you set home here!

Team Infiniti


(written by Misty Harley)


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