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You may have noticed some movement around welcome area. A freebie area has been placed at (101,33,24} on Infiniti Welcome. We have some items that were made by Infinti residents and some gathered around the metaverse. We would love to have items that are licensed to be given out or your personal items that you make for the occasion. This will be an ongoing project. More plans are brewing.


We also offer the latest Ruth and Roth from Shin and the other awesome contributors to the project. We also offer Hyacinth Landry’s version of Roth there too. Guys.. we finally have mesh bodies that look ready. 😊



We will keep placing objects out. Feel free to drop by and grab some good stuff or put your items out in boxes size .6X.6X.6 and we will place them for you. We appreciate your submissions greatly.

You can get to us on the HyperGrid at

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