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There are days as one of the Infiniti Bloggers, that I look back and go yeah “we didn’t think that through so very carefully”  but then I remember that we are a new grid, learning our way and figuring it all out as we go along. Sometimes, we are going to make a few odd choices and other times, we will seriously nail it and rock this grid thing.


Now is one of the times, in hindsight, we wish we could take a few things back. So here goes, Tech Tuesday Blogging at its Infiniti Finest!


What’s happening Tech Wise?


Well, when we first started the grid, we did a bit of research, talked to a few people and decided that we were going to go with an OpenSimulator 0.9.2.x dev fork.  It was the latest, the greatest and most advanced technology in Open Sim and hey….who doesn’t want that right?


Come to find out, once we started getting residents, farms and such…..we actually don’t want that.   We found out the hard way that the dev fork was not, in our experience, compatible with various things and the Satyr Farm is one of them for certain aspects of the game.  Namely the NPCs. For some using the farming game, the NPCs are a necessity. Now, a few might say ‘screw it, just don’t have the NPCs and people can farm on their own or they can just go somewhere else.”  Except that is not part of our goal as a service provider.


Our primary goal is to be compatible with the rest of the HyperGrid community as well as offer our residents the ability to do as they wish on our grid.  This makes it so much easier for everyone. From those that wish to live or work on our grid to those who simply want to visit as well as our residents who want to travel around and visit various places.  


(I might have snuck into Leck's office to write this post....)


So what does this mean?


It means we are implementing a reversion to the OpenSimulator Release.   I know right? Rolling back just means that we have to rework some coding and other pieces of the puzzle to bring us back in line with the rest of the Hypergrid Community.  While doing this, we are also going to dedicate a module to our inventory database as well as the FSassets database, which means it will be more streamlined and consistent. We’ve also gone ahead and contracted a second dedicated server that is high functioning and will bring us into the new year with the growth that we are expecting.


What does this mean for you?


Not too much.  Seriously, most of this is Leck digging down for a few days and working some buttons and codes (my tech speak going on there). He’ll be taking OARs and IARs which he will load up to each region prior to opening log in. He’ll be moving inventory to the new module and bringing regions online through the new server and original server.  


We are anticipating zero issues with the roll back, server move, etc.  However, as with anything technically involved….we cannot guarantee there won’t be any.   We are going to give ourselves a two day frame with grid downtime in order to have this completed properly.  

Is there are a place I can ask questions, I have so many?


Leck will also have two different meetings on Thursday, December 6th in world with questions and answers which will be hosted on Mentor Isle.  Times for the meetings are 12pm grid time and 5pm grid time (3pm and 8pm Eastern) You can also ask questions in Discord or even here in the comments section.   We do request that you ask them in our open channels versus private messages that way if anyone else has the same question, they might see it and receive their answer.   


When will this happen?


As of right now, we’re scheduling all this to take place beginning Monday, December 10th and going through Tuesday, December 11th with holding Wednesday, December 12th on reserve for an additional day of the grid being down, if need be (hopefully we won’t need the third day!) 


We truly appreciate your understanding and patience and we'll be updating here on the blog as well as in Discord throughout the grid down time.  


As always, we hope you continue to set home here.


Team Infiniti

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