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Occasionally there is some confusion on how to create an account for Infiniti Grid and we're hoping this will clear it up.   Below is a picture example of the proper way to fill out the 'register' form.   The good news is that the form itself will create an account for both the grid and the web page.

Because of the program we are using, the form will asked you to repeat type your avatar first and last name in the second box - which is where some of the confusion is.  As per the below example, your first AND last avatar name need to placed into both boxes.  Enter your password and confirm your email.

At the bottom of the form, you will be asked Avatar First Name for Grid (john) in the first box and in the second box, you are asked for your avatar last name (doe).  

That's it!  You have now created an account for both the grid and the web page.  

Please also note that if at any time during the registration, your real life name is asked for - you should only enter your avatar name.  The only time we require real life information is if you should choose to rent a region or parcel from us and that's for billing purposes only.  

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Earlier this month we conducted a poll about what currency our userbase would like to have. Gloebit or Podex. Of those who voted or contacted us directly, Gloebit was the clear choice.

We touched on the reasons we decided at this time not to have a “grid currency” in the past. We feel using an external source like Gloebit, headed by an ex-Linden lab employee that was part of running the Lindex system is a safe way to go for our users. The experience that comes with working on a huge grid like Second Life now available in OpenSim, is in our view, a good thing. Buying Gloebit coupled with the Hypergrid to travel will give you more options on selling and spending. There are other grids who accept Gloebit and sellers who sell in exchange for them.

One can also fill out a form on the Gloebit site and enable the ability to exchange Gloebit for cash through a system much like Second Life uses. Therefore, we feel it is more familiar in practice to our user base. After all, our sellers can attract sells from other grid members as they make Infiniti a base for their store or an extension of one from a grid like Second Life.

One advantage is you can connect avatars from other grids you may visit. This allows for your Gloebits to not be tied to one grid. If a grid that uses Gloebit closes, you do not lose your money and investments, they are easily transferred unlike a grid currency. If you transfer from another grid to say, Infiniti, those Gloebits you had there go with you. Pretty cool, right?

This writer has bought and used Gloebit a lot in the past few months. I have found the experience very straight forward and easy. I have also found the support offered by Gloebit to be amazing.

The grid is already set up for Gloebit, so feel free to start selling here. We already have some people with stores and more that are coming so we are happy and confident in the joint decision we have made with you.


Here are a couple links for Gloebit info you may want to see:


About Gloebit

Hypergrid Business Article







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Team Infiniti is excited to offer the line of Selea Core Halloween Creations!  From pumpkins to trees to spooky skeletons and witches hats and corn stocks and crypts and all the fun amazing things she's created....we have it for you!

Having contacted her for permission, we then decided to go a bit all out and build a maze around a spooky house that holds her pieces.  Which are free and full permission for you to either utilize on your land here at Infiniti or in your home grid (love love that we can hop to other grids to get things and bring them home!).

We also decided to add a few freebies from our creators who call Infiniti home to the maze.  They have offered some nice pieces that you can find in the maze itself.  How cool is that?

Wonderful Selea Core collection of all halloween pieces!  Free items from creators within the grid!

You just can't go wrong here (well, I can...if you take the wrong turn in the maze but we aren't talking about that!)

So when does this start? 

October 18th....That's Tomorrow!!  The maze is open tomorrow at 6:30am grid time (which is 9:30am East Coast Time)!  


Where is this at? 

Infiniti Grid on the mainland region Ratt (fitting, eh?).


Who is this for? 

Everyone!  Seriously, anyone who wants to come over is more then welcome.  


How do I find things? 

You can either travel through the  maze and find single hay bales scattered about or if you're not the adventurous kind, you can fly right up to the Spooky House and get the Selea Core Halloween Collection.


What's the catch? 

There isn't any!  Although we do hope you have a chance to visit our Parkland Regions and enjoy the trails or maybe rez a boat off the dock and tour the waterways.  It's always changing and there are also parcels available at a 30 day free trial offer.  You should try one of them too, it'll be fun!


When does it end? 

October 31st is the last day and will kick off with the amazing Noxluna Nightfire spinning the tunes from 1pm to 2pm grid time (oh hey, that would be 3pm east coast time - for those that need to know in the back of the room...yes, I see you!)


Join us....walk the maze, get some amazing items and have a wonderful, spooky and Happy Halloween!!


Team Infiniti

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