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Infiniti Grid Billing Policy

1.    You may access Infiniti Grid through an account that does not have an access fee, or through a subscription account that has a recurring fee. These accounts have different features and limitations.

Infiniti Grid offers free access to the Service through accounts that require registration, but do not include an access fee or recurring charges for access to the Service ("Access Accounts"). Infiniti Grid also offers access to the Service through accounts that require registration and regular recurring charges ("Subscription Accounts"). The features and limitations of Access Accounts and Subscription Accounts are provided at Infiniti Grid’s sole discretion.

In addition to the applicable access and subscription charges, recurring "Land Use Fees" will be charged to you depending on how much virtual land you hold within the Infiniti Grid world.

2.    Access, subscription fees and Land Use Fees are payable in advance.

All access and subscription charges for the Service are payable in advance. Land Use Fees are charged once each month, and will reflect the peak amount of land you held during the month. Infiniti  Grid is not responsible for any charges or expenses you incur resulting from charges billed by Infiniti Grid in accordance with these Terms of Service (e.g. overdrawn accounts, exceeding credit card limit, etc.). By providing a credit card number or other payment method with advance authorization features (e.g. some PayPal accounts), you authorize Infiniti Grid to continue charging the payment method for all charges due Infiniti Grid until your Infiniti Grid account is settled and is terminated by either you or Infiniti Grid. Infiniti Grid reserves the right to limit the number of accounts that may be charged to a credit card or other payment or identification method per unique user.

Receipt of Payment for recurring access and subscription charges for the Service will be provided by email. This receipt of payment will be from PayPal, Infiniti Grid, LLC or both.

3.     Cancellation Policy.

You will be responsible for canceling any recurring subscriptions that are set up by you through either a credit card/PayPal  recurring payment or subscription to pay for land use fees as Infiniti grid will not issue refunds due to user negligence in not canceling subscriptions prior to new billing cycle.  


4.     Further reference to service provisions and rights thereof may be found in the Infiniti Grid, LLC TOS at sections 1.4,  1.5 and 4.3 respectively.



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