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 Some of the people who looked into us early noticed we had a website, but it was not finished. This lead to the typical “you should have a website done” comments one would expect.

While it is true, most worlds do not share websites until they are done, that was not the case with us. Much like the world we have, we want people to be part of the journey with us. And we definitely will not always do things in the manner that “everyone else” does.

It is important to know we are not here to replace other grids. We are not a one trick pony that insists on doing everything in the same manner as others have done before us. What would be the fun in that? Already we have done things that are not done in the usual ways.  That is the point, right?

So, that brings us to our website. It has been being worked on since early in our journey. Today is a day that marks a more complete website. It is a site with some links live, and some still in process of getting there. We invite you to take a look.

You can find the ongoing work at There you will find our stats as well as bios of the Founders of the grid. There are past blog posts and new ones like this will be added there. Information for our residents is there. There is even a very easy to follow, but well done page on how to connect to Infiniti Grid. We think that is a pretty good start for an evolving website that represents a Virtual World that will also evolve over time.

We hope the transparency we offer in these early previews will give you a view of who we are.


Set Home To Here.

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How to Hypergrid to Infiniti Grid:


From any Hypergrid enabled world, open your map

In your viewer, open the Map window by clicking the Map icon on the menu bar or by pressing CTRL-M, then paste the address - - into the map’s search box and hit “Search.” Once Infiniti Grid shows up, just click on Teleport and you will arrive at Infiniti Grid Welcome.


From there, feel free to explore and discover what will make you Set Home Here - Infiniti Grid.


If Creating an Account on Infiniti Grid


After registering your account you will need to :

1) Add Infiniti Grid to an Opensim friendly viewer.

If you have only been to SecondLife up to now, you may need to download a different viewer - There are several choices but essentially the changes are the same. Firestorm makes both an Opensim friendly viewer and an SL only viewer- make sure you get the Opensim version one. Once downloaded and installed, from the splash screen window,

2) Go to Preferences, choose the Opensim tab, and then Grid Manager.


3) Find the “Add new grid” box and enter :   


4) Click Apply, Click OK.  Infiniti Grid should come up in the list of grids. Select that.

Author  ~  Founder Amaranthim Talon

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