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       Infiniti Grid has chosen Gloebits as our currency partner. Gloebits currency has the distinct advantage of not being tied to one grid. This allows you the option of using gloebits here at home, or using them on other grids that have also partnered with Gloebits.

       Gloebits can easily be sold back into the Gloebits market, for real life currency. To further explain:

       When reading the FAQ provided by Gloebits they make sure to be clear that Gloebits are game tokens.

       However like Second Life there is an exchange provided where you can sell your Gloebits tokens to others seeking them for real life currency. Currently, they provide cash options into Paypal or Bitcoin. You buy Gloebits through that exchange as well.

       Here are some instructions to set up your account to be ready to sell Gloebits on the market (i.e. cash out). Once you have signed up for Gloebits, you can follow this link to go to your account settings:

       There on the right hand side of the page you will see an area that says “Account Capabilities” and under that you will see “Advanced Business” . There you can request the ability to sell Gloebits by upgrading your account.

        After selecting “request upgrade” you will verify your email and fill in your details on the form they require to be filled out. Once you save the form, it is submitted at that point.

       Gloebits staff say it takes a few days for them to get back to you. Some users have said they received word with 24 hours though.

       Once that is done, you’re all set to buy and sell on on the market exchange.

-Team Infiniti

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 Author ~ Founder Macphisto Angelus



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       In another grid (the mother of all grids), there was a concept of parceling out full regions into various sizes and dubbing those areas “Mainland”. Mainland was known for it's blight and it's glaring neon to some. But for others, it made for interesting living. You really had to put up with stuff if you lived on mainland. From ban lines to neighbors encroaching on your space and even spinning boxes!

Flash forward.

       Infiniti Grid believes in mainland and we know that a wonderful community can be built there. We have plans for mainland and we even have a person who appreciates mainland and has lived predominately on mainland to build and oversee Infiniti's. It was one of the earlier talked about visions for Infiniti to have one and have one, we will!

       You won’t see flat, boring green squares here or have neighbors right next to you. Spinning boxes are a thing of the past and there are no mass ban lines here! You will find a tapestry of care and design that has been a labor of love. We want to see people who like the community aspect of owning a part of mainland join us on this new beautiful land. We invite you to be a part of the community that we will grow and foster together.

       Let us show you how mainland can be run the right way. A way that brings enjoyment and fun to all.

-Team Infiniti

~ Set Home Here ~


 Author ~ Founder Macphisto Angelus

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