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Update November 27th


Delay in updating this but we did get everything up and running per our discord channel.  Thanks for the patience and more information on this to follow in a blog post.


UPDATE November 26th 8:30am EST:


This was from Mac at approximately 10pm last night on our Welcome Discord Channel (I've been out doing real world stuff most of this weekend):

Hi everyone. I hope your thanksgiving was great and you survived the mad rush of Black Friday. We are doing some backend work. Part of the processes is copying assets over from one server to another. Lots of assets are in the DB (wow, we uploaded a ton)  But that is taking a long time to copy over. So, we won't be done tonight. We look to have the grid up in the AM. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this causes and we know how you feel because we want to log in too. We are users too hehe. But, all is being monitored and as soon as those assets copy over.. we will take the next step. Thanks for setting home to here.

It appears things are taking a little longer then expected and it's affecting the actual grid to get the assets moved over in the database.   We truly appreciate your patience and know that between sleep and coffee breaks, the tech team is working as hard as they can to get us all up and running again.   

You can get updates here, although they may be delayed in comparison to our Welcome Discord Server here:  Infiniti Grid Discord Channel

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Team Infinti


Original post:

A very quick note to let everyone know that our new registration is currently been placed off line and is being worked on.   This page may show grid status down but our grid is up and this is because of the work behind the scenes that is occurring with our web page.


We appreciate your patience and a new post will be made as soon as the work is done


Team Infiniti

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Oh the excitement of it all!  I'm just going to get right to it....we now offer VAR region options!  Most know what VAR's are (although I didn't, more on that later) but it's basically a bunch of regions all stuck together to give a large span of land without those pesky region crossings.   These type of regions are very popular with those who like to fly and also the role play community.   If you were to purchase a VAR region, you also have the choice of add on packs for both additional prims and also low use regions.  All of these options make them a wonderful choice for groups looking to build communities.

2x2 Private VAR is $25us plus tax (per month)

4x4 Private VAR is $27us plus tax (per month)

8x8 Private VAR is $30us plus tax (per month)

You can see the prim expansion packs as well as the low use region options in our Land - Purchase drop down from the top of our page.  Remember, we do not charge set up fee's, we do not put private sims next to each other unless we have owner approval in order for you to build your community and Private Regions have no covenants or ratings set by us.  There are also discounts for large quantity purchases.   (neak peak:  we will be offering mainland 2x2 VAR's soon!)

Solvent Green / Satyr Farm

Important:  Editing this post to note that a glitch occurred and parcels will not be available until the Monday after Thanksgiving (as of right now).  Solvent Greens is on line, however it's not set up.   Thank you!!

Did you ever have a 'if I had only known, I would have done things differently....' moment?  No?  Just me?  Okay then!  

When I started playing around with Satyr Farms, it was pretty common knowledge that I had not a clue what I was doing.   I still don't to a degree but the Satyr Farm Discord Channel has been extremely patient with me as well as my questions, which are sometimes repeated until I can wrap my brain around it (thank you all!).  Anyway, I learned a few things that I didn't know when I first started.

The primary one is that the no sell box and the sell truck both only work if you are on the same region.  Who knew?  (everyone,  most likely).  We do have a region that we were getting ready to pull on line this week (yes, I know...I'm behind schedule!) but then I also realized that the farm has some really cool vehicles that a person can tootle around in.  Our region just wasn't big enough for me to get roads in there or even a large enough pathway for a person to go farm to farm on a vehicle.  

So now, we have dilemma.    We're new, I'm sure there are going to be lot's of those, frustrating as it is.   Do I dare suggest that we pull another region on line to accommodate more space?  Do I just bag the whole thing and the farm be damned?  (  Have you seen those animals, they are so cute!) I talk to Leck and have him explain again, what a VAR is and how it might be able to help me?   Of course, I took that last option.  Two reasons really, I needed to get my brain wrapped around this whole VAR thing and why everyone is so excited about it and also because making Leck explain things to me multiple times in various ways is always fun (not really).  This time, Mac even got in on the conversation and I'm pretty sure he was close to ramming a VAR where the sun didn't shine, but I finally got it!  I finally understand what a VAR is and yes....I like them.  Am excited about them and am happy to say Solvent Greens which has our community Satyr Farm for Infiniti is now on a VAR 2 by 2 region (which is really just four sims put together with no region crossings...geesh..that's not so hard to understand!).  

Infiniti Satyr Farm

Just look at all that beautiful space and that's not even half the region!  I put the Farm right in the center of the region, then four additional super large and extremely prim laden parcels.  We also still have room for Public Works Park to explore by boat, plane or by foot or any other means you can think of.  Including those fun vehicles from the Farm itself.  Even better, that means four other farmers can utilize either the sell box to sell their own extra's or to buy what they need (quick tip:  no actual money is exchanged, it's all done on points).  and get it back to their own farm without any issues.   VAR for the win!  If you want to check out the farm, log in to Infiniti using the grid URL at the top of our web page and then map search Solvent Greens and teleport over.   Unfortunately, I did have to start the farm from scratch but that's ok.  Because now we have a true community farming sim.  Parcels will be available through our land store and are set to buy in world directly from Infiniti Mainland for 1G, which will be refunded back to you once you finish the purchase in the land store to set up tier.  The cost is $15US plus tax for each parcel and it's sized at 23,680 square meters with a prim allotment of 14,115K prims.   You'll have enough prims and space to have flat land for your farm and a little bit of land for hills, your home, etc.  Please read covenant prior to purchase!

Quick Note:  If you are currently on Infiniti and considering to move your farm to the new Mainland Satyr Farm / Solvent Greens region, please note the following:

1.  You will lose your current farming stat's for your plants and will need to start them over again.   You're existing animals can go into your inventory and rez'd back out on your new farm location.  You will also loose your storage BUT you can take all the items you have stored (milk, eggs, grain, fruits, etc) in the vegetable bins and fridge, sell them to your own sell box and then take that.  Rez it back out on to your land and buy your items back and re-store them.  (I've been doing that to transfer over the community farm).   There is also a ton of slop that I've sold into the sell box at the community farm that you can get as well.   You may want to also considering purchasing the current community farm parcel and still maintaining your existing farm until the tier is up for renewal.  This will give you plenty of time to establish  your crops in order to feed your animals as you move them over.

So let's recap!

VAR's...all the many VAR's!  So many VAR's I think my head is spinning.  With add on packs.  No set up fee's just some good ol' VAR's for you to play and work on!  With expansion packs.

Satyr Farm, that will be all ready on the land store this evening or tomorrow evening but the parcels are already set and ready to go with a basic covenant in the about land description.  It's really just the same as Mainland has always been except you get to terraform.  So win!

I think that's a wrap!  As always, we hope you

Set Home Here

Team Infiniti 

(written by Misty Harley



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