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So many updates!  It's been awhile since we did the last update blog so here we go!



We recently had a resident purchase a VAR region and her paypal was not cooperating with us.  After a support email was sent by her, Leck got down to business:

we identified a recent and unannounced change in the way paypal subscription gateway was making data acknowledgements. As a result of his (software guy) and my troubleshooting, PayPal made some corrections and our software guy changed and made a new version release.

He did close down the land store briefly during our 'uh oh, what now?' moment but thanks to awesome work from trouble shooting, paypal helping to identify the issue and some quick coding by our software guy who released a new's fixed. 

Our Land Store was back up within a short period of time and we want to send a really big thank you for our customer who had patience, Paypal for making their corrections and the amazing software person who worked quickly to get a new release out.   Team work for the win!


VAR Regions connected to Normal Regions:

We had another resident who happens to love Mainland but wanted the larger VAR region versus the regular size Mainland Region.   Our dev guys did some testing with border crossings, rez'ing things and whatever else it is that they do to test and after a while with all things coming back clean and good.....we ran with it.  As you can imagine, we were extremely excited because YAY marrying a VAR and a regular sim was huge (there has been rumblings of this across the virtual verse with some pleasant results and we were just reconfirming before we did it).  

Unfortunately, we were informed by another one of our Dev's that this was not going to continue on the path of 'playing nice' with each other when it comes to putting a VAR next to a regular sim.   We listened to our Dev that has way more experience with these sorts of things and decided not to continue with the connection.   Although that did mean our customer who loves mainland, could not be on mainland right now (they are strictly regular regions), he also reported that his performance on the region was much better after we moved him to a Private Region.   Sometimes, it's best to listen to those who have more experience and heed their advice.  We are currently in consideration of running a separate mainland that is all VAR's, but no final decision has been made on that.  We'll keep you posted.

Satyr Farms

As most of you know, I've been testing and playing with Satyr Farms on Infiniti Grid and so far, so good and performing exactly as expected.  I have three little worker blue guys watering and feeding all the things.  I've only lost two chickens and a cow (don't ask) and learned how to fish.   This time next week, we'll be introducing larger then average parcels for those who wish to have farms but do not want a full sim (and other then a few parcels on Mainland, most of those are a bit too small and will limit farming capability).   If you would like to see the farm, log in or hypergrid over to Infiniti Grid and pull up the map, finding Solvent Green.   Join the group - Satyr Farm on Infiniti - so you can work the farm if you would like (honestly, I won't be sad or upset if you feed the pigs some slop).   We have two other farmers that I am aware of on the grid and more are always welcome!

Mentor Isle

Besides the farm, this is going to be my favorite update.  Mac has been working hard on our Mentor Isle and creating it to the vision we both had of using the space to create some old school learning.   One of the things we are most proud of that Mac worked very hard on was the The Ivory Tower of Primitives and The Particle Lab.   He contacted both creators in the big grid and asked for permission to utilize their note cards and without much hesitation we were given approval to move their note cards over to Infiniti Grid.   With those note cards, Mac has built up an entire area for people to come learn about particles and prims.   How to build with them, how to tweak them and how to put them together to create items. 

An extremely huge thank you goes out to Jopsy Pendragon, the creator behind the Particle Lab in SL and also Lumiere Noir AKA Acid Trip, the creator of The Ivory Tower of Primitives, also in SL. Without the permission of both of you, our vision of offering a place to learn would never have been completed.

Along with those two pieces of learning how to build, we also have an area that will completed for those who wish to learn how to edit terrain, there is entire open air classroom for those who live on the grid or wish to Hypergrid over and utilize to teach classes and much more will be coming. 

To find Mentor Isle, log in or hypergrid to Ifiniti Grid and pull up the map, type in Mentor Isle and teleport over.  It's in the the creation process but the Ivory Tower and Particle Lab are open and ready for visitors. The Open Air Classroom is also available at no charge and to reserve a spot and have the class placed on our calendar of events, contact Macphisto Angelus either in world, on discord or through our support email.

Tech Person added to the Tech Team

I've been sorta kinda added to the tech team in a round about way that has limited abilities but learned how to do some maths.  I'll be helping rez and maintain new sims for our residents.  Go me!  (thank you Leck for taking hours out of your day to teach  me the basics....I'll do my best to stay away from that red button that says DON'T TOUCH.  Tempting as it is.)   The Tech Team goal is to make things as smooth and time efficient as possible and having another person on board with the ability to bring regions on line keeps us within that goal.   So here's to a new region rez'd soon!

The End

I think everything tech side and updates and all the new things have been covered. 

Until next time and don't forget...


Set Home Here

Team Infiniti

(written by Misty) 


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Halloween was always my favorite holiday, even as a kid. Sure, Birthdays and Christmas brought the wrapped presents which I always loved. but something about dressing up as Darth Vader or Casper The Friendly Ghost was my favorite. Of course, as I got older scary masks and decorations began really popping up around the mid 80’s. I was a huge fan of Friday the 13TH and other horror movies, so Casper gave way to Freddy Krueger and Darth Vader, well nothing ever took his place. Star Wars for life.

So, here in 2018 I find the magic of Halloween still alive and well in my conscience. There is just something cool about being able to take that love of Halloween into a virtual world environment. Infiniti Grid lets me feel like that kid again. I have costumes to choose from, can go door to door trick or treating (aka travelling the hypergrid from my home location to pick up some cool holiday themed freebies) and hang out with friends and compare our bags of loot.

We at Infiniti Grid extend a warm welcome to fellow Trick or Treaters. You will find decorations to enjoy at our Welcome area, a corn maze with freebies hidden in haybales within. Watch out for the spirits though. That many corn stalks brought them out and you may experience attempts at possession from them. You will know by time seeming to act funny with lapses in your movement. If that happens, turn your viewer down some in draw distance and that may scare them away. Also, turn up your volume to hear some spooky sounds while you explore. If you dare, enter the Haunted House at the end of the path and you will find treats! All of the Selea Core Halloween items we have are in haybales within the house. Selea was contacted and personally gave us permission to use her freebies and distribute them under her original conditions. You will also see some corny costumes you are welcome to grab too.

I encourage you to get in that kid mindset when we used to Trick or Treat and try to put yourself back to that feeling of chills and thrills. Where you would walk a mile to get mini tootsie rolls, small candy bars and spent the rest of the night going through your bag and enjoying your haul.

Don’t forget we will also have DJ Noxluna Nightfire from 1-2PM Grid Time and DJ Rosa Alekseev from 2-3PM Grid Time.   Just look up the region Ratt and look for The Bronze for the DJ events. Ratt also has the hay stalk maze and treats.

Here’s to that inner kid with the wonder and thrills of Halloween. Have fun!

-Infiniti Grid

-Set home to here.



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